MPD over http

I've been using mpd for a long time and it has served me well, I download all my music and sync it between devices for offline listening and for this mpd works wonders. However as the amount of music I've downloaded increases, it has become inefficient to keep it synced. That's why for some time now I've been looking at streaming it from my server, I though the way to go was shout but I just haven't gotten around to setting it up, and now that I've come across httpd, I might not ever. So if you're a fan of mpd and use it on multiple devices too, consider using httpd.

using httpd output

All that you need to do to enable httpd output in mpd is uncommenting the right section in mpd.conf

audio_output {
	type	"httpd"
	encoder	"vorbis"
	port	"8000"
	bitrate	"128"
	format	"44100:16:1"


As a bonus, if you want to listen to your music from anywhere and have a domain, then you can either port forward or use a reverse proxy like shown here. {
	reverse_proxy http://localhost:8000